Radovljica T-light
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What is it?

Let yourself be enchanted by the Radovljica T-light. The votiv reveals Radovljica in a unique way you probably have not seen before. It is a great souvenir, a gift, a surprise, something special, an artwork and absolutely unique.

Most probably the most filigran and smallest Radovljica T-light in the world. The votiv is simply sent by postal mail. Through the flickering light of the candle the typical symbols and sights of Radovljica become alive at your home. Where ever you are – your memories of Radovljica will remain even more in your heart and even awakens your desire to visit picturesque Radovljica.

Make somebody happy, surprise someone with this unique Radovljica T-light and you will receive a big emotional thank you. You
will make somebody’s eyes shine.

When did you last sent a postcard?

Whom is it for?

Especially these days, now, since we stay more at home and avoid meeting people, it is a great gift to show that you think of your loved ones and friends.

This marvelous magical shining candle light offers a great possibility to thank your guests and
business partners for the great business relation you have. And of course for all Radovljica fans, enthusiasts and visitors.

The Radovljica T-light impresses everyone, because it is as special as you are. This T-light is for globetrotters, romantics, design fans and everyone who loves and misses Radovljica.

Whom is it for?


The silhouette of Radovljica is stapled on a postcard. There is still enough space on it to leave a message and wishes on it.

The postcard is sent by regular mail and the postage isn’t more expensive than any other regular letter. Once the recipient
opens the letter, the silhouette is taken off the card and put on any standard t-light. Thus, a regular t-light results in a
spectacular light show.
The attached projection screen will impress with a mesmerizing shadow play.


The stainless steel Radovljica silhouette made of highly tempered spring steel (suitable for all commercially available tea lights), paper for the Radovljica carrier card.
The Radovljica Silhouette comes on a carrier card in DIN long format (20,9 x 9,8 cm). Just put it in
an envelope and send it all over the world for little money. Suitable for all commercially available tea lights and can be
often reused.

A small and individual gift which will make your eyes shine.


This one of a kind Radovljica silhouette is the perfect gift for all those who love Radovljica or simply want to show someone that they think of him/her – because it says more than 1000 words.

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