Says more than 1000 words!


This one of a kind silhouette is the perfect gift for all those who love Bled/Radovljica or simply want to show someone that they
think of him/her.

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This T-light is manufactured 100% in the EU, in an eco-social manner, i.e. sustainable production conditions for human and nature, whenever possible recycled materials are used.

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On the backside of the greeting card is a detailed safety instruction and plenty of space to write down your greetings and wishes.

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The unique silhouette is designed by and manufactured by

Bled T-light

Radovljica T-light

About Bled

Bled is the green pearl and probably the most popular town in Slovenia. With its immens natural beauty Bled has to offer it attracts everyone who loves nature with its crystal clear waters, mountains, sports and culinary adventures. It is best known for its castle above lake Bled and the picturesque island in the center of the lake. Some say it is like a fairy tale and very romantic. The greatest Slovenian poet says: There isn’t any other place which is more beautiful and more similar to paradise than Bled. This jewel in Slovenia inspired me for the Bled t-light and shows all remarkable symbols that make-up Bled. To learn more about our picturesque town please click HERE.

About Radovljica

Radovljica which is only a couple of kilometers away from Bled is called the sweetest town of Slovenia and is the capital of Slovenian beekeeping. Radovljica is famous for its annual chocolate festival which presents a huge variety of chocolate variations from producers from all over europe. This festival and many other events take place in the middle of the historically well preserved medieval town and in addition the offer of culinary excursions find unlimited approval. This town inspired me to create the baroc silhouette which shows all the historical buildings which are partly over 500 years old. To learn more about Radovljica please click HERE.


My name is Sabine and I was born and raised in Germany. I lived and worked in several big cities in Germany, Switzerland and the USA. One day a challenging job change came up but I decided to chose the challenge to discover my roots of my mom’s homecountry, Slovenia. Luckily,I grew up bilingually and therefore I could stick to the people quite well. I can tell you: as beautiful as the country is as difficult is the language, I’m still fighting with the grammar ;-).

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